YouTube 4000 Hours Hype & Tricks to Meet The Target Faster

What Is This Youtube 4000 Hours Hype About?

Recently YouTube has made severe changes in its monetization policies, among which one is this 4000 hours watch time threshold condition. To understand its importance, you first have to know how you could earn money from your YouTube channel. Before that, clear the clutter from your mind by knowing that YouTube creators now have to get 4000 hours of watch time collectively from the videos on their channel to generate revenue from ads.

For a beginner, this would be defiantly a challenging task, but it isn’t going to be easy for veterans either, primarily pointing out those creators who were spamming the platform with unnecessary videos and still making a good chunk of money compared to genuine creators. If you have unique and interactive content already, it would be a piece of cake to easily beat the milestone of 4000 hours of watch time.

These Tricks Would Help Meeting The Target Faster

Before you begin applying the following tricks to increase the YouTube watch hour meter, you should make sure that your channel and all videos uploaded on the track are made public. Moreover, no video should have any copyright issue with it.

Try to create evergreen content as they are more likely to be shared more and more with time. Examples of evergreen content can be comedy, technology-based, tutorials videos, etc. These videos are more likely to be seen by various people on an extensive shelf time.
Live streams are also counted in your watch hours, so you can also conduct live sessions to interact with your audience, which will boost your watch hours quickly.
Be consistent in creating and uploading content as it is one primary reason behind the success of various high-rated creators. You have to keep creating and sharing quality content instead of waiting to achieve the target with a few videos.

Quantity Or Quality – What Has More Weightage?

In context to YouTube, a genuine expert’s advice would be quantity instead of quality, but it doesn’t mean that you spam your channel with cringe content. It means you create more quality content instead of depending upon few high-quality content videos to bring you success.

For instance, if you only have limited videos on your channel, then a person would watch it a few times but no more, and you never know how the majority of people would react to your limited type of content. However, if your content is attractive and interactive, and there are various videos available for viewers, a user would watch all of your videos one after another. This way, we can justify the quantity over the quality statement.

Make Use Of Different Tools And Strategies At Your Aid

There are numerous tools like YouTube studio or any browser extension that help you to

  • Keep track of current watch hour status
  • Know how your audience is responding to any video as likes, comments or dislikes, etc.
  • Detect Bounce rate of different videos
  • Artificial intelligence to see what part of a video does viewers like the most.
  • According to a strategy, creators have to track their genuine audience and accordingly adjust their video length. Video length also has a considerable impact on the viewer’s response towards the video. But, if your viewer’s database is small, it does mean you should make hour-long videos but rather provide quality content in small-length videos.

Following these steps, a beginner would easily achieve the 4000 YouTube watch hour time quickly in a matter of weeks and start monetizing the channel with immediate effect. However, do keep in mind that you will need 1000 subscribers to get accepted under the YouTube partner program.

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